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Oral GS Available to Vets and Owners

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

There’s a new GS-441524 drug on the market to cure FIP, called GPL. It's sold Globally and consists of 100% GS-441524.

GS-441524 capsules comes with different GS content:

GPL - prices (not inc VAT): 80mg - £20 60mg - £15 40mg - £10 25mg - £7.50 It's easier to match dosages with the cat weight as in the table:

In the latest UC Davies publication they were using 25mg/kg orally in preclinical trials to get bioavailability data for cats - they get about 60%+ so we can say that 25mg/kg PO (oral administration) is equivalent to 15mg/kg SC (subcutaneous injection), most of the world is still using 12-16mg/kg.

We are trialing GPL for FCoV management for clinical diarrhoea and FCoV viral load management.

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