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Oral GS Available to Vets

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

In August 2021 remdesivir became legally available to vets for the treatment of FIP in cats. Since that time many cats and kittens have been treated and are still being treated successfully.

Oral GS-441524 (50mg tablets) and the parent drug remdesivir (given by intravenous or subcutaneous injection) are available from BOVA UK & Australia, a specialist manufacturer in the UK.

What treatment is now legally available and how effective is it?

GS-441524 (given orally as tablets) and its parent drug remdesivir (given by intravenous or subcutaneous injection) are now legally available as antivirals for cats with FIP as ‘specials’ preparations in the UK since August 2021.

The minimum treatment course is 12 weeks, so it is long and costly. It is important to be aware that successful treatment cannot be guaranteed and that relapses with repeat treatment courses may be required. Additionally, the dose of antivirals given must be increased as weight is gained during recovery, again influencing cost.

The dosages of the antivirals required also vary with the type of FIP, with neurological and ocular FIP needing the highest dosages.

Who can give advise on Bova? A team of experts have come together to run the ‘FIP advice’ email address ( answering queries on the new treatments on a voluntary basis and disseminating information to vets and vet nurses in the UK and Australia.

Bova can be exported elsewhere in the world, please contact Bova directly via your vet.

Bova Specials UK Ltd 7‑9 Gorst road Park Royal London NW10 6LA United Kingdom +44 20 3034 3100

What do I need to do if I need more help? It is illegal for vets to advise on patients that are not under their direct care, so please make sure it is your vet who emails the feline expert team or Dr Addie as, sadly, it is not possible for the feline expert team to provide advice direct to owners. Dr Diane Addie is available for consultations for infectious disease control or diagnosis to veterinary hospitals, rescue shelters, boarding and breeding catteries and industry. She can only advise on licensed BOVA GS-441524 with prior client's vet's consent. She is also available to laboratories for consultation for the development of diagnostic tests.

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