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Hi All!
After having lost my adored Yzma on December 12 to wet FIP, I was really scared that her brother Coco would get sick too. Also I wanted to give him a new companion but I was frightened he would pass the virus to the new comer too.

I had heard about the possibility to eliminate the Fcov virus with 4 days of Mutian pills so I decided to give it a chance.


We ran the RT-PCR test right after the treatment and I am so relieved to say that it came back negative!


Honestly I still cannot let myself cheer with joy, it just doesn't seem real after so much pain and fear. That's why I did not write this post right away. We love our Coco as much as we deeply loved Yzma. She is missed every minute of every day. I HATE FIP.
Yzma is the black and white and Coco the red one.


Thanks to my Vet and to the admin of this page. They both patiently supported me and replied to every question I had, at any time!


Bento (‎Elliott Kaye-Byrne‎)

I just wanted to let you all know that we had the most wonderful news that Bento has cleared his FCOV. 

We lost his brother to FIP in July after having them both for only 2 weeks. Since then Bento has been on pro-biotics, virbagen omega and monthly blood and faecal tests (as per Dr Addie’s recommended protocol) but 6 months later was still shedding the virus.

We recently heard about the wonder drug Mutian from the Facebook page @FCoVFreeClinic and that in addition to the success it’s having with FIP it also helps cats completely shed FCOV. For FCOV (and not FIP) it’s just a 4 day course of Mutian. We were completely cynical that it would work and even more so after he vomited up the pills on Day One (most expensive vomit ever!) but we gave him an extra day to make sure and, lo and behold, his results came back negative today. 

A fabulous Christmas present not just for us but hopefully for anyone out there fighting this! 

Bento, FCoV Succe
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